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We enable Broadband & IT

We provide the rage of IT services to our customers to cater their needs in the field of Information Technology, our services use state of the art latest technologies which are not even introduced yet in Pakistan.

Satellite Broadband

Our satellite broadband internet access uses the latest technology to provide you the seemless services anywhere in Pakistan, whether you are in the mountains or the deserts, our satellite internet service is there with you. It's fast, it's reliable and it's affordable.

Wireless ISP Solution

Our Wireless ISP solution is one of it's kind, Our system supports up to 1000 concurrent users, comprehensive billing and user management solution, manage bandwidth, and create vouchers. Our solutions; 3KM, 6KM and 10KM Wireless radius, create and manage hotspots. Start earning today.

Security surveillance

We aim to provide you the best security surveillance solutions for your premises. Infrared cameras with ability to ensure the visibility up to 30 meters in absolute dark. Cameras turbo high definition up to 200 FPS. Surviellance solution with complete security survey.

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We always aim to provide the best services to our customers, we have solution for all your IT needs, if you have any questions or you want to inquire more about our services, this is your chance to get in touch with us and have your project discussed free of charge.

See what others have to say about us:


Nadiya Khattak

Democrates Pakistan

The most professional IT firm of the region I must say. Hazara Region is lucky to have company like Go Wireless.


Pilar Anderson

ISCOS Pakistan

We needed a consultancy firm for our IT needs, Go Wireless provides us all those services we just needed. THe customer support is just perfect, they are always a single phone call away.


Christian Fisler

Caristas Switzerland

I am using their satellite Internet Services since 2005. I would appreciate their staff for the mind blowing services.