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We provide a vast range of services to tackle all your IT needs.

Our satellite broadband internet access uses the latest technology to provide you the seemless services anywhere in Pakistan, whether you are in the mountains or the deserts, our satellite internet service is there with you. It's fast, it's reliable and it's affordable.

Our Wireless ISP solution is one of it's kind, Our system supports up to 1000 concurrent users, comprehensive billing and user management solution, manage bandwidth, and create vouchers. Our solutions; 3KM, 6KM and 10KM Wireless radius, create and manage hotspots. Start earning today.

We aim to provide you the best security surveillance solutions for your premises. Infrared cameras with ability to ensure the visibility up to 30 meters in absolute dark. Cameras turbo high definition up to 200 FPS. Surviellance solution with complete security survey.

Got a lot of stuff to download? don't worry; our one-way satellite internet downlink is the solution for you. We provide the best download services in any part of the country with the best connectivity which provides up to 100Mbps solution via satellite. All you need is a dial-up connection.

Got your office at a remote location? no need to worry; we provide the satellite fixed-phone services, that can easily merge in to your local telephone PBAX exchange, our cheap rates and the best voice solutions are specifically designed for the remote locations, our coverage area is all Pakistan.

Keep traveling? no need to worry about losing a connection with the people. Our satellite mobile phones work on the go anywhere within Pakistan. All you need is an open sky and you are ready to make calls, sms and use internet upto 512Kbps, No setups, a handset and you are ready to go.

NCT - Net Connect Telecom (Pvt) Ltd provides Domain Registration and web hosting service at very competitive rates. Our package for the domain registration and web hosting has the following salient features but not limited to; It has a 24x7x365 up time guarantee. Free Customer Support.

NCT - Net Connect Telecom (Pvt) Ltd is the pioneer in providing the Wireless Internet Services in Mansehra city at very competitive rates. WiFi internet is kind of the service that works within a covered area. All you need is WiFi enabled device like your laptop, Smartphone, Blackberry, Slates, PDAs.

Emails are the most important part of any organization, now-a-days this has become the official way of communication and is more efficiently used. Organizations face problems due to unreliable Email hosting services, costs and space they get. 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Need a presence online? don't know where to start? let us achieve that for you. We have a team of professional programmers and designers who can handle your web development needs, we provide the professional services from simple static websites to the professional portals.

Need hardware for your organization? let us take care of that, we deal in the most popular and reliable brands like dell, cisco, IBM, HP, ASUS. Our products come with up to 3 years of extended warranty. our team of professionals take care of the installation services on your premises.

Need to capture the best moments your organization's been doing? we provide the best documentary and ad making services, we have a dedicated team of professionals who will understand your business and think tank will take care of the thinking process and get the job done.